Vince Pecoraro
Web Design & Development

about me thumbnail
I've added ajax DOM manipulation to the About Me page. Use the radio buttons to toggle between the biography and resume text. Ajax is a breeze with jQuery.
iphone thumbnail
After converting this site to HTML5 and CSS3 standards I decided to make it responsive. You can check it out on your smart phone, pad, tablet or desktop and it looks great. The next project will be to make it retinal display ready.
CSS3 Tutorials Page
I've decided to start creating tutorials or "tuts" to share with others. I will continue to expand these pages so feel free to check back periodically.
college portfolio websites thumbnail
My ecommerce site is College Portfolio Websites. Feel free to contact me on any web design projects you have in mind.
Steam Punk Shooter Game
This is a simple game I made just before graduation. I would like to develop more games in the future.